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Ulitmate Chess Open 2019 - A Section Rapid

Last update 30.11.2019 16:00:22, Creator: south african chess fed. (licence 84),Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 66)

Starting rank

1Odendaal FrederickRSA2040
2Wilken JustinRSA1926
3Saffier ShaneRSA1814
4Stambull RicardoRSA1732
5Malgas GlenwellRSA1445
6Kritzinger AndreRSA1423
7Beling RicardoRSA1421
8Zwayi MzwandileRSA1376
9Govender ShervaanRSA1357
10Dakin BrettRSA1331
11Nevin TylerRSA1325
12Kruger MatthewRSA1014
13Rishworth JustinRSA985
14CMPeter NeathanRSA925
15Viljoen MatthewRSA874
16Lagardien IsmaeelRSA851
17Peter MnicoRSA825
18Freeman ViancoRSA698
19Ramaele ThapeloRSA662
20Ledwaba KgaugeloRSA0