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British Rapidplay 2019 Minor

Last update 24.11.2019 17:30:26, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Fairclough Gary P483702ENG117Chorley
2Shaughnessy Phillip J431966ENG117Ashton
3Wynn Jacob RENG117Sussex Juniors
4Mccarthy Darren475459ENG116Rose Forgrove
5Lawson Theo452432ENG115Sussex Juniors
6Dennington RobertENG114Alwoodley
7Lodha Idhant454052ENG113Surrey Juniors
8Davies Eric P475521ENG111West Leeds
9Dunne David C439380ENG111Nomads (Notts)
10Pritchard RobertENG110
11Cox Lucian452130ENG108Bedfordshire Juniors
12Wilson Jeff462055ENG107Blue Club (Oldham)
13Velayudham Suriya443999ENG106Coulsdon Cf
14Miles AlanENG105Ex Rose Forgrove
15Chan Kian474347ENG104West Nottingham
16Strickland Ian D455717ENG104West Leeds
17Costello Patrick Jm1803115WLS102England
18Kumaar Sai Chinmayee N460940ENG101Northumberland Juniors
19Potel Tobias453846ENG101Hall, The (Middlesex)
20Sugumar Vibhav475564ENG101Bolton School
21Johnson Stanley430080ENG97South Shields
22Crosby Peter475513ENG95Sussex Juniors
23Pilton Brandes Bentley James461326ENG95Somerset Juniors
24Hutchinson StephenENG94Scunthorpe
25Marsden Kenneth L475556ENG94West Leeds
26Al-Maani LuqmanENG93
27Summerland David436607ENG93West Leeds
28Birks Malcolm476510ENG90Lancashire Ca
29Correa Rebecca481432ENG883cs
30Parlour David468932ENG88South Shields
31Bohm Richard D454478ENG86Bury
32Light John454559ENG86Limewood & Scarcroft
33Mccormick Roy463051ENG82Warrington *
34Riddle Alan431109ENG81Limewood & Scarcroft
35Mcgowan MartinENG76Dons
36Hampton Chris R2408767SCO71Maldon
37Gorrell Elinor475416ENG67Keighley
38Sugumar PaavanaENG67Bolton School
39Dhunna Danavir462004ENG59Bradford
40Cox R David454745ENG58Bedford
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