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The 2019 British Rapidplay Chess Championships

Last update 24.11.2019 17:23:10, Creator/Last Upload: david clayton

Starting rank

1GMGordon Stephen J411477ENG2414ncl 3cs
2IMEggleston David J412120ENG2354ncl Cheddleton
3FMWebb Laurence E402389ENG2224ncl Blackthorne Russia
4Shaw Peter411361ENG207Wakefield
5Cohen Aron J404357ENG203Queens College Cu
6CMHan Yichen1054430NED198Forest Hall
7Burnett Jim402273ENG193Mansfield
8Cook Phil476684ENG193Hebden Bridge
9Hampton Paul Dj473316ENG189Seaton
10Watson Phil R413216ENG189South Bradford
11Burke Mitchell R416231ENG186Huddersfield
12Chipanga Takaedza11000260ZIM183
13Combie Alex B411779ENG181
14Hutchinson Paul A411558ENG180Scunthorpe
15Hare BernardENG175
16Nicholson Jim Wr417041ENG174York Ri
17Vickery Jim E403083ENG174Alwoodley
18Gardener EricENG173
19Cohen Gerald M430242ENG172Aigburth
20Somton Anita431311ENG171
21Kuzhelev Timur44101791RUS167Russia
22Starley Robert421006ENG167Leeds University
23Cox Toby452149ENG161Bedford
24Ross Stuart427888ENG139Newport (Shropshire)
25Filler OneENG0
26Filler TwoENG0
27Filler ThreeENG0
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