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British Rapidplay 2019 Major

Last update 24.11.2019 17:20:25, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

Starting rank

1Gopakumar Siddharth5053463IND1684ncl All Anands On Deck
2Hall John444553ENG164Bolton
3Stephenson David W424811ENG164Hull Dca
4Brocklehurst Andrew424765ENG163Civil Service Ca
5Davies Sam434990ENG163Tiger Chess
6Patrick David A468517ENG161Courier Halifax
7Bastow Mark A1804987WLS159Colwyn Bay
8Coward Neil437590ENG159Blackpool
9AIMBowman Richard L438588ENG158Leeds Cccc
10Stewart T Noel429830ENG157York Ri
11Procter Colin S449539ENG155Yorks Copper Works
12Donahue Randolph EENG153Leeds Cccc
13Connor Michael I420654ENG147Great Lever
14Clegg Robert425150ENG146Huddersfield
15Adam David W450154ENG139Rose Forgrove
16Conroy GeoffENG165
17McGuinness SimonSCO153
18Rabbi Mridha10215662BAN1675
19Rabbi FazalENG158
20Yeomans Kevin455890ENG166Olton
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