18th DELHI INTERNATIONAL OPEN GRANDMASTERS CHESS TOURNAMENT (Category 'B') for Prize list Click download invitation

Last update 13.01.2020 13:24:43, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

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Overview for teamBAN, IND, JPN, MAS, NEP, SRI, UZB
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Player overview for MAS

180Aminuddin Muhd Faqih1642MAS½110½0111½6,5152Category B
200Mohd Saprin Amir Muqqri1621MAS110½½011117,083Category B

Results of the last round for MAS

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
104649Ningthem Oinam 17886 0 - 16 Mohd Saprin Amir Muqqri 1621200
1072464Aryan Arora 13686 ½ - ½6 Aminuddin Muhd Faqih 1642180

Player details for MAS

Aminuddin Muhd Faqih 1642 MAS Rp:1525 Pts. 6,5
1572Avigyan Ghosh1249IND5,5w ½
2564Raghav H S1257IND4,5s 1
3554Arshvir Singh1264IND3,0w 1
49Sai Kiran Y1868IND8,0s 0
5462Wanjari Krupal1370IND5,5w ½
6380Tanisha Chatterjee1445IND5,0s 0
7416Ghouse Kamardeen D1415IND5,0w 1
8366Praveen Kamath1457IND5,0s 1
9364Raman R.1458IND5,0w 1
10464Aryan Arora1368IND6,5s ½
Mohd Saprin Amir Muqqri 1621 MAS Rp:1613 Pts. 7,0
1592Chitre Arush1224IND4,5w 1
2541Joshi Swarup1287IND5,0s 1
313Verma Sanjay1855IND7,0w 0
4400Alok Nagdev1428IND5,0s ½
5470Dang Mridul1363IND4,5w ½
6390Arghya Sen1438IND7,0s 0
7422Anubhav Patel1404IND4,0w 1
8404Vasuki G Krishna1424IND6,0s 1
9398Pratyush Kumar1430IND6,0w 1
1049Ningthem Oinam1788IND6,0s 1