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Klupsko prvenstvo ŠK Stari graničar, Cirkvena

Last update 01.12.2019 21:04:41, Creator/Last Upload: vlado_karagic

Starting rank list of players

5MKJakrlin Mihael14539918CRO2157
8MKBelani Marijan14501368CRO1918
7IIĆorković Jelenko14525305CRO1817
1IVRamović Ivan14525640CRO1745
2IIJakrlin Ivica14537273CRO1666
6Kušec Stjepan14540886CRO1607
4IVPalatinuš Stjepan14525569CRO1536
3IVJakrlin Antonio14541602CRO1193
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