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ACC Rembembrance Day U1400

Last update 10.12.2019 05:24:11, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Alphabetical list

1Ainey Declan0CANON
2Denning Keith1162CANON
3Guo Rainyee896CANON
4Harvey Paul805CANON
5Lau Joshua1065CANON
6Lillico Margarita1118CANON
7Moiseev Alex1166CANON
8Narayan Niyant1261CANON
9Niestrawski Alex1231CANON
10Paya Kian692CANON
11Randle Bill1266CANON
12Souchko Larissa854CANON
13Stefanovich-Thomson Alexis1232CANON
14Teodorosyon Aras0CAN
15Teram Eli1056CANON
16Yin Lucas913CANON