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Kadetsko prvenstvo Š.K. Mornar U-16

Last update 16.11.2019 14:36:13, Creator/Last Upload: nenad saric

Starting rank list of players

5IVKurtović Darko14580225CRO1738Šk Mornar, Split
2Despalatović Lovre14567709CRO1660Šk Mornar, Split
4IVUjević Ivan14555042CRO1659Šk Mornar, Split
3Neveščanin Ante14561875CRO1620Šk Mornar, Split
7Svalina Orlando14580217CRO1601Šk Mornar, Split
1Gazija Dario14584492CRO1600Šk Mornar, Split
6Mandić PetarCRO0
8Mazzucchelli AndreaCRO0