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Derik's Chess School Udupi Rapid Chess Tournament- Girls

Last update 09.11.2019 10:33:57, Creator/Last Upload: derikschessschool

Starting rank

1Priyalakshmi S25130595IND1004Madhava Kripa School
2Advika PrabhuIND0Madhava Kripa School
3Ananya ShettyIND0Vidyodaya Public School
5Bhavishya S PoojaryIND0St.Cecily's School
6Deepthi NayakIND0St.Mary's School
7Diya S PrabhuIND0Madhava Kripa School
8GranthanaIND0Little Rock Indian School
9Hrithika R PoojaryIND0Madhava Kripa School
10Mythili U BIND0Little Rock Indian School
11Namitha PrabhuIND0Indrali School
12Nishmitha PrabhuIND0Indrali School
13Nishmitha ShettyIND0St.Cecily's School
14RashaIND0Silas International School
15Riya SIND0Little Rock Indian School
16SaakshiIND0Indrali School
17Sheershika G KIND0Indrali School
18Shlaaghanaa G KIND0Indrali School
19Thanvi ShettyIND0Anantheshwara