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Derik's Chess School Udupi Rapid Chess Tournament- Open

Last update 09.11.2019 10:33:38, Creator/Last Upload: derikschessschool

Starting rank

1Prajwal Nayak25643185IND1236PPC
2Aarav A PoojaryIND0Silas School
3Adithya PrabhuIND0Indrali School
4Amir KhanIND0Trinity School
5Amith KamathIND0Little Rock Indian School
7Anish PoojaryIND0Little Rock Indian School
9AshleyIND0St.Cicily's School
10AthulIND0Carmel School
11Ayush TantryIND0Madhava Kripa School
12Chirag GowdaIND0SRS
13HarshadIND0Carmel School
14Hemadeep RajIND0Madhava Kripa School
15Hrishikesh R PoojaryIND0Madhava Kripa School
16JashIND0Podar International School
17KevinIND0Christ School
18KrithikIND0Madhava Kripa School
19LakshIND0St.Mary's School
20MohsinIND0Carmel School
21NavanIND0Trinity School
22NavaneethIND0Little Rock Indian School
24Pranav ShetIND0Podar International School
25Pratham SeetharamIND0SRS
26Raghavendra UdupaIND0Vidyodaya School
27Rakshan AminIND0Carmel School
28RoshanIND0Trinity School
29ShashankIND0Madhava Kripa School
32Shourya S SalianIND0St.Cicily's School
33ShreepadaIND0Mukunda Kripa
34Shreyas ShetIND0Vidyodaya School
35Shyam ShettyIND0Vidyodaya School
36Siddanth TantryIND0Silas School
37Siddhanth KamarluIND0Madhava Kripa School
38Sohan NayakIND0Little Rock Indian School
39Srujan GowdaIND0G M Vidyadayanikethan
40SudeepIND0Trinity School
41SumukhaIND0Vidyodaya School
42SwasthikIND0Patla Eng Med School
43TheronIND0Little Rock Indian School
44Thoshak ShettyIND0Mount Rosary
45ThushankIND0Trinity School
46Vedaangh TantryIND0Silas School
47Vedant KIND0Madhava Kripa School
48VinyasIND0Carmel School