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BSC Kensington U12 LJCC Qualifier 9th November 2019

Last update 09.11.2019 16:54:33, Creator/Last Upload: brainstormchess

Starting rank

1Grose Kameron474010ENG112Wetherby
2Muppidi Anirudh R477672ENG103Maidenhead Junior
3Macdonald Amaya456349ENG102Surrey Juniors
4Xu Tianyou472808ENG100Middlesex Juniors
5Venkatesh Anuj V455636ENG99Coulsdon Cf
6Whelan Joseph465887ENG95Weybridge
7Bruhn JohannENG88London *
8Yu William485578ENG86Middlesex Juniors
9Perl JosephENG83London *
10Mandell EliENG81Surbiton
11Rupf OscarENG74London *
12Moni CamillaENG66Caterham *
13Matveev GrigoryENG45Camden
14Jowell LeoENG29London *