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Markham Richmond Hill Magic Knight Champions

Last update 31.12.2019 06:18:00, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Starting rank

1Orozco Joey148825CAN1953
2Ajith Aayush167780CAN1867
3Mendoza Armand Jess156958CAN1902
4Abbas Sahir153534CAN1904
5Desikan Ajith167779CAN1784
6Lazarev Shon167627CAN1793
7Yang Larry164823CAN1667
8Ajith Aarush167781CAN1380
9Mane Arnav160927CAN1153
10Fan Haoran160648CAN1278
11LIN James154353CAN1185
12Wang Xiuqi(Arthur)162689CAN969
13Dixit Mohan169181CAN1118
14Ver Erick108055CAN1695
15Lauron Ranel160869CAN2049
16Guan Eric167770CAN890
17Liu Harry154350CAN1691
18Guan Isabelle166081CAN906