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Egyptian Ch. Boys 18

Last update 03.05.2011 15:55:27, Creator/Last Upload: egyptian chess federation

Starting rank

1FMAmeir Moheb10600620EGY2174
2Nader Mohamed10600159EGY2063
3Elansary Ayman10606696EGY1961
4Abdel Hameid Mohsen10606793EGY1941
5Mohsen Peter10605177EGY1929
6Gamal Hossam10613498EGY0
7Moaataz Alaa10614842EGY0w
8Mohsen MohamedEGY0
9Mokhtar Maged10610189EGY0
10Saad Moustafa10613692EGY0
11Yusef Fady10612041EGY0
12Raafat Romany10610200EGY0
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