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Markham Richmond Hill Magic Knight U1200

Last update 31.12.2019 06:22:24, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Starting rank

1Wu Nora168007CAN1167
2Zhuang Jeffrey166908CAN1189
3Guan Marie164627CAN1008
4Dixit Mohan169181CAN1118
5Zhao Yicheng163585CAN989
6Zhou Ping169239CAN1053
7Zeng Gordon166321CAN967
8Zhou Felix167758CAN987
9Yao Eric164621CAN779
10Lee Owen164659CAN745
11Wang Ryan167989CAN884
12Lang Yunhui166795CAN477
13Fan Eric164012CAN857
14Fang Yue170905CAN823
15Li Paco164368CAN1149
16Wang Xiuqi(Auther)162689CAN969
17Lin James154353CAN1185
18Guan Eric167770CAN890
19Yu Guanming166891CAN799
20He Jasper167976CAN794
21Gao Yutai169642CAN797