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Markham Richmond Hill Magic Knight JU800

Last update 31.12.2019 23:27:54, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

not paired

37Chen, Lauren345CAN**
41Fang, Borui535CAN**
59Feng, Anthony648CAN**********
39Fu, Henry200CAN****
3Gao, Yiguo650CAN**
25He, Jasper794CAN******
9Huang, Thomas691CAN**
20Ji, Sherwin646CAN****
58Jiang, Kristopher745CAN******
33Jones, Beckham438CAN**
29Lin, Tim498CAN**
44Liu, Arri566CAN****
45Lou , Victor625CAN**
46Lou, Emi200CAN**
47Lu, Xiyu(Jack)343CAN**
35Nedeljkovic, Jerma362CAN******
27Orozco, Josiah474CAN****
36Rao, Kyle589CAN**
11Ruan, Adam609CAN**
14Su, Ricky664CAN**
18Sun, Catherine525CANbyebye**
49Wang, Braden324CAN**
32Wang, Eli453CAN**
57Wang, Jason (Junsong)559CAN**
51Xu, Austin339CAN****
6Yang, Maxwell609CAN**
56Yi, Ryan224CAN********
52Yue, Eric364CAN******
22Zeng, Chloe590CAN****
54Zhang, Justin633CAN**
55Zhong, Ken200CAN****
8Zhou, Guancheng729CAN**