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Copa del Descubrimiento 2019

Darrera actualització23.11.2019 22:46:21, Creador/Darrera càrrega: aneseso

Rànquing inicial

1Soto Flores Jose Noel3104095PUR1881
2Beauchamp Perez Angel A.3103641PUR1869
3Aneses Bocanegra Omar3100227PUR1863
4Deliz Quinones Hector J.3103226PUR1847
5Gonzalez Gonzalez Enoel3100642PUR1824
6Matos Santoni Gamalier3102009PUR1807
7Rodriguez Gonzalez Angel G.3102971PUR1758
8Quinones Torres Bryan3102483PUR1737
9Childers Pickett Logan3106918PUR1653
10Soriano Pereira Raymond3107710PUR1643
11Delgado Delgado Edwin G.3101347PUR1540
12Rosado Torres DantePUR0