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7th Witney Chess Congress Minor

Last update 03.11.2019 18:12:50, Creator/Last Upload: pseudorandom

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

16Sartain Patrick PENG113Harrow4,5
8Stock WilliamENG111None4,5
313Beneat FrederickENG98Abingdon4,0
14Hertog AlexanderENG98Oxfordshire Juniors4,0
57Bending Peter RENG111Cheltenham3,5
20Buxton RichardENG85None3,5
29Luke JohnENG683,5
33Duke DillanENG56Hereford3,5
91O'sullivan TimENG119Aylesbury3,0
5Kassey AmaanENG115None3,0
10Pettit Felicity OLENG107Guildford3,0
12English Andrew JPENG100Oxford City3,0
15Brooke Ian RENG97Oxford City3,0
34Li ReyaENG48Oxford3,0
36Tringali AlessandroITA0Didcot3,0
162Mcleod MarkENG117Didcot2,5
4Pazdziorek AdrianPOL116None2,5
11Parnes ShiraENG106Witney2,5
18Matilal Tamal KENG97None2,5
19Hodges JohnUSA92None2,5
21Mahmood AqeebENG85None2,5
26Lakhani DhruvENG72None2,5
31Bhaskaran RocheENG59Cheney2,5
249Owen PhilipENG110Chippenham2,0
16Goldsmith JenniferENG97Harrow2,0
32Lakshmeesh TvishaENG58Ojays2,0
37Zhao WenyiENG0None2,0
2817Li EvanENG97Mcs/Ojays1,5
23Hobson RichardENG77Cowley1,5
28Campling MichaelENG68Banbury1,5
313Wooding RobertENG117Camberly1,0
22Prenton EdwardENG80None1,0
24Bhogathi AbhiramENG75None1,0
25Cordon RayENG74Wantage1,0
27Scott Len AENG70Aylesbury (Lapsed)1,0
3630Bhaskaran JoshENG62Cheney0,5
35Chen LinziENG2None0,5
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