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7th Witney Chess Congress Major

Last update 03.11.2019 18:08:06, Creator/Last Upload: pseudorandom

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

118Murawski PawelENG130Oxford City4,5
23Ferrera Gonzalez CarlosESP163Didcot4,0
14Lucey MichaelENG151None4,0
420Dasgupta DebadityaENG118North Bristol3,5
59Webb AndrewENG156Cowley3,0
10Di-Vetta AndrewWLS154Bridgend3,0
71George Richard MENG169None2,5
2Cole Graham LENG167Cowley2,5
7Bovtramovics VladimirsLAT157Woking2,5
11Bush IanENG152Cumnor2,5
15Searle Howard AJENG146None2,5
17Headlong GeorgiaENG134Check Innmates2,5
138Redmond Michael FENG156Reading2,0
19Monga KanavENG126None2,0
154Rudny Tomasz IPOL161Witney1,5
13Foster CyrilENG151Cowley1,5
16Zhu Hou NingENG142None1,5
185Terrington SimonENG159Cumnor1,0
196Neatherway A PhilipENG158None0,5
2012Lim Yu-Chin (Peter)ENG152None0,0
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