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7th Witney Chess Congress Open

Last update 03.11.2019 18:16:14, Creator/Last Upload: pseudorandom

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

12Mihov FilipMKD223Oxford University4,5
21FMZakarian DavidARM223None3,5
7Girdlestone Paul CENG179None3,5
44Peters Stephen GENG196Aylesbury3,0
10Rasanen OttoFIN170Oxford University3,0
15Mcnally Richard J EENG164Stratford3,0
76Burrows NickENG182None2,5
12Moyse Nigel JWLS169Cumnor2,5
16Zakarian Dimitrios LevonENG158None2,5
17Kan TobyENG145Downend & Fishponds2,5
18Larkin BenENG141None2,5
125Hosdurga ChiragENG184None2,0
9Rajesh GorakENG173None2,0
148Abbott Mark VENG173Exmouth1,5
11Britnell JonathanENG169Lewes1,5
13Britnell Matthew JENG166Lewes1,5
14Foster TimothyENG164Guildford Chess Club1,5
183FMBigg Andrew JENG204None1,0
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