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Окружные соревнования по классическим шахматам "Звёзды Каиссы" 2019 года "B"

Last update 04.11.2019 15:09:25, Creator/Last Upload: "kaissa"

Starting rank

1Teymurkhanly Teymur34337482RUS1807
2Avetisyan David24234834RUS1481
3Arkhipov Alexander54160065RUS1385
4Kekeeva Sofia54139309RUS1380
5Khlypovka Stepan34318160RUS1370
6Gabruk Ivan24219673RUS1299
7Lebedev Vladimir34362819RUS1247
8Khlypovka Lada34316701RUS1238
9Satarin Egor34318666RUS1125
10Andrianov Eugeniy34354336RUS1051
11Postevoy Matvey S34438351RUS0
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