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3rd Premium International B U2000

Last update 24.11.2019 17:42:11, Creator/Last Upload: 700290miklosorsoia

Player overview for ROU

1Pirvulescu Adrian1994ROU0110013,01920-42,60Premium B

Results of the last round for ROU

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Pirvulescu Adrian19942 1 - 02 Bolyki Istvan1786

Player details for ROU

Pirvulescu Adrian 1994 ROU Rp:1648 Pts. 3,0
121Nagy Miklos1710HUN5,0w 00,84-0,8420-16,80
222Lakat Gyula1708HUN1,0- 1K
326AFMMegyeri Martin1620HUN1,5s 10,900,10202,00
418Panda Gyorgy1761HUN4,5w 00,79-0,7920-15,80
520Csernyik Mark1725HUN4,0s 00,83-0,8320-16,60
615Bolyki Istvan1786HUN2,0w 10,770,23204,60