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Century - Richmond Hill Open 2019 - JU900

Last update 12.11.2019 13:29:19, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Starting rank

1Qiao Ethan170804CAN840
2Inozemtseva Milana163516CAN784
3He Jasper167976CAN768
4Yang Jayden166945CAN767
5Zhang Zheyi (Joey)170036CAN734
6Yang Maxwell169403CAN731
7Ruan Adam169425CAN715
8Zhao Yiming164604CAN703
9Lu Austin169738CAN662
10Xu Justin171415CAN658
11Chen Cheney166822CAN657
12Zhou Guancheng171209CAN652
13Zhang Justin161450CAN633
14Xing Wenqi168046CAN629
15Sun Catherine168026CAN621
16Hong Zihan166217CAN619
17Huang Tully168584CAN599
18Zeng Chloe166393CAN590
19Fang Mason170887CAN565
20Rao Kyle166138CAN565
21Chen Tymon169386CAN551
22Hong Kaidong169441CAN540
23Ma Ruihan166861CAN532
24Xie Jasper164606CAN498
25Fang Ethan James169380CAN467
26Li Yeeshuen170254CAN445
27Xiong Victoria171414CAN431
28Yue Eric170253CAN364
29Shen Yuhao171659CAN363
30Chen Lauren169232CAN345
31Lu Brian166886CAN257
32Wang Braden169394CAN246
33Wang Wilson168027CAN206
34Fu Henry171656CAN200
35Chen Yiming166824CAN0
36Deng Mingrui0CAN0
37Li Benjamin168022CAN0
38Li Curtis169302CAN0
39Liu Oscar169995CAN0
40Lu Mason168157CAN0
41Shen Yining0CAN0
42Wang Mengxuan171404CAN0