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Century - Richmond Hill Open 2019 - U1700

Last update 11.11.2019 01:04:47, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Starting rank

1Miaco Trifelino121781CAN1662
2Tang Sheng158239CAN1656
3Karra Raja Ravi Kiran160649CAN1641
4Hua Gary154420CAN1587
5Gauthier David164946CAN1580
6Khan Riley166965CAN1560
7Zhang Daniel163312CAN1522
8Guo Anni163250CAN1519
9Li Neal Nian161576CAN1515
10Shen Isamel155024CAN1511
11Le Ken111318CAN1501
12Qian Eric167975CAN1500
13Zuo Zichen (Roger)164626CAN1498
14Li Adam160391CAN1494
15Wang Michael Grant163578CAN1489
16Kambouzia Behzad171354CAN1480
17Lin Angela156759CAN1472
18Yang Lefan163151CAN1465
19Yao Henry166273CAN1462
20Xie Joanna (Ruo Jin)162526CAN1459
21Wang Zhixing (Daniel)159609CAN1413
22Zhou Johnson Zixuan163242CAN1403
23Yao Michael166215CAN1375
24Zhong Ryan Yunhui166737CAN1360
25Gao Heye166066CAN1342
26Ajith Aarush167781CAN1301