Rank after Round 5

Rk.SNoTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh A5410915,50
23Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami5410915,50
31Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat5320816,00
49Heyate Shatranje Malayer5401816,00
67Madreseye Shatranje Parsa5401815,50
76Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh B5401815,00
815Nojavanane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami A5401815,00
917Academy Shatranje Kooshan5401813,50
1014Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat R5311714,00
1219Nojavanane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh A5302614,00
1318Nojavanane Malayer5302613,50
1416Tak Rokh5302613,00
1629Nojavanane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh B5302612,50
1713Zehne Bartar5302612,00
1826Banovane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh A5221612,00
198Nezam Mohandesi5302611,50
2112Pishkesvatane Hamedan5302611,50
2237Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat Q5302611,00
2323Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat B5302611,00
2420Gharb Parse Malayer530269,50
2621Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat N5212511,50
2727Dokhtarane Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat A5212511,00
2936Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat P521259,01
3134Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat F5203410,00
3346Nojavanane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh C520349,50
3428Banovane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami520349,50
3533Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat D520348,50
3654Toloe Tamin520348,00
3732Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat C520348,00
3852Omid Bahar V Saleh Abad512247,50
3935Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat K520347,50
4038Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat T520347,50
4230Gol Rokh512246,50
4342Nojavanane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami B520346,00
4443Nojavanane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami C511338,00
4550Nonahalane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh B511336,00
4651Nonahalane Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat511336,00
4744Nojavanane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami D511335,50
4839Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat Z510426,50
4948Nonahalane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami510425,00
5031Banovane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh B510424,50
5140Dokhtarane Bashgahe Shatranje Safvat B510423,00
45Nojavanane Bashgahe Ghaem Maghami E510423,00
5349Nonahalane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh A500504,00
5447Nojavanane Bashgahe Shatranje Rokh D500501,00

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (game-points)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints