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The Joburg Open 2019 RISING STARS

Last update 12.10.2019 22:37:08, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 133)

Starting rank

1Claassen Emileo109073377979
2Steyn Anneke211091693935w
3Peete Ofentse2110099599914w
4Balassis Petro1080109892897
5Marais Enzo1110103542870
6Botes Evan110091709860
7Deysel Hannah210092704813w
8Maharaj Anaamika2090108309796w
9Gough Rowan1110099290782
10Naidoo Nikhil1110114235778
11Nwafor Neo1060107802768
12Wu Yuansi1100099618756
13Maharaj Arya2100108310752w
14Johnson Ashar109078830746
15Oosthuizen Juan1100099279708
16Tarry Gabriel1110106584658
17Moolman Elrie Lize2110107675618w
18Bouwer Lili2110107677606w
19Lynch Stephen1080108306580
20Shatlin Damien00
21Spies Abigail00w