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The Joburg Open 2019 PRESTIGE

Last update 12.10.2019 22:41:03, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 133)

Starting rank

1IMOatlhotse Providence1850286562309
2NMHercules Benjamin1910123762210
3FMPon Matt1960305192169
4Oberholzer Francois1950286782142
5Govender Yaduvir1040531071894
6Claassen Jean-Daniel1030048681813
7Oosthuizen Michal1050290671811
8Lukhwareni Nkhumbuleni1870187781804
9Govender Shevern1060532971743
10Geyser Johan1500104921732
11Richter Jan-Michael1010321671684
12Shaw Laurie Ann2030343661581w
13Jacobs Calvin Nicholas1090863791556
14WFMGardiner Noa2030102321442w
15Badenhorst Nicolaas Jacobu17701077341439
16Jacobs Tiaan Benjamin1070863771425
17Badenhorst Chloe2070822681398w
18Potgieter Edward1080761961382
19Erasmus Daniel1040494431374
20Steyn Tjaart1080732081364
21Claassen Gabriella2050048631362w
22Felix Raphael1100860111326
23Moonsammy Ethan1110927051317