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The Joburg Open 2019 Cadets

Last update 12.10.2019 22:39:22, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 133)

Starting rank

1Govender Pranau1120898951176
2Chinoruma Kupa2120916981053w
3Buchalter Shane1120109893881
4Mungal Zoey2120115959877w
5Hoek Lore2120108315869w
6Suresh Aaradhya2120109902855w
7Kelly Kaleb1120108311823
8Maharaj Aditi2120111139767w
9Tak Rannveer1130116883743
10Nwafor Chichi2130114026727w
11Joubert Daniel1120112314716
12Mugaragumbo Amour2120115655709w
13Retief Antonie1120111803708
14Giese Mason1120116572653
15Pretorius Christiaan1120110078610
16Bouwer Henning1130108314500
17Moolman Niel1130108313500
18Spies Benjamin00
19Van Tonder Lara00w