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Mouflon Chess Tour 2019 - Arion Open Tournament

Last update 13.10.2019 17:58:14, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1WFMStefanidi Maria-Anna4207750GRE2073
2CMConstantinou Pavlos5900328CYP2039
3AIMAristotelous Vassilis5900468CYP1831
4Koulaxidis Arkadios5904188CYP1771
5AIMHadjinicolaou Andreas5901103CYP1706
6Tsamourlides Giorgos5901197CYP1632
7Aminev Aidar5907055CYP1600
8Constantinou Samuel Johannes5906229CYP1588
9Stratis Orestis5906989CYP1493
10Popov Gennadios5904650CYP1477
11Antoniades Nicolas5904579CYP1397
12Georgiou Kyriakos5903351CYP1370
13Ioannou Konstantinos5904692CYP1329
14Sidiras Efthymios42130816CYP1216