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2nd ISSO Chess Nationals Under 14 GIRLS Jaishree Periwal International School

Posledná aktualizácia 10.10.2019 10:54:57, Creator/Last Upload: pushpendra2

Štartová listina

1Sara Gupta45041490USA1635Aditya Birla World Academy
2Ananya Vora46603662IND1289D.Y. Patil International Schoo
3Aashita Gupta45059942IND1117Choithram International School
4Anvi AgarwalIND0Jayshree Periwal Internationa
5Anya ChaudharyIND0Jayshree Periwal Internationa
6Gauri JoshiIND0Choithram International School
7Gaurika PareekIND0Jayshree Periwal Internationa
8Gunjan SinghIND0Jayshree Periwal Internationa
9Mani SinghalIND0Choithram International School
10Visruti LakshmiIND0Jayshree Periwal Internationa