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ACC Ted Winick Memorial Crown

Darrera actualització05.11.2019 05:09:29, Creador/Darrera càrrega: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Rànquing inicial

1Humphreys Michael2607522CAN2334ON
2Southam David2601044CAN2168ON
3Ferreira Alex T.2606763CAN2084ON
4Malmsten Erik2612038CAN1959ON
5Ozuna Ramos KevinMEX1935
6Cohen David2611015CAN1883ON
7Furrow MatthewCAN1851ON
8Fines John2630761CAN1834ON
9Ab-Barin Hooshang2618281CAN1769ON
10Ivanov Venci2616491CAN1737ON
11Gao Lucy2629640CAN1718ON
12Schwartz LorneCAN1680ON
13Ali Shafkat2613441CAN1647ON