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CN ind. de copii si juniori, sah clasic - fete 8 ani

Last update 17.04.2011 11:08:09, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameIstrate Camelia-Elena
Starting rank21
Rating national1201
Rating international0
Performance rating1211
Club/CityCs Snagov
Year of birth 2004


122IIMotataianu Ana1292ROUCss Tg Mures5,5w 0
21412Borta Cristina1201ROUCm De Sah Teleorman Alexandria3,5s 0
31814Buga Vanessa-Maria1201ROUCm De Sah Teleorman Alexandria1,0w 1
41311Benko Timea1201ROUCs Logic 64 Brasov4,0s ½
51334Patru Alexandra-Ioana1201ROUCm De Sah Teleorman Alexandria5,0w 1
61037Suditu Ana-Maria1201ROUAcs Genius Galati5,5s 0
71519Dumitru Silvia-Alexandra1201ROUClubul Central De Sah Buc.3,0w 1
81039Vezentan Andreea-Nicoleta1201ROUCs Juniorul Cluj Napoca4,0s 1
9825Lefter Georgiana1201ROUCs Palatul Copiilor Buzau5,5w 0