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CN ind. de copii si juniori, sah clasic - Baieti 10 ani

Last update 17.04.2011 12:42:31, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 5)

Player info

NameSirbu Andrei-Costin
Starting rank118
Rating national1201
Rating international0
Performance rating1061
Club/CityCs Palatul Copiilor Buzau
Year of birth 2002


15757IISandu Florian1326ROUCss Ilfov Buftea4,5w 0
25781IIICotruta Alexandru-Mihai1234ROUCs Politehnica Iasi5,5s 0
35994IIILepadatu Aurelian-Stefan1201ROUCss Ilfov Buftea4,0w 0
461103Florea George1201ROUCs Sah Club Galati3,0s 1
55695Bogheanu Teodor1201ROUCs Micul Sahist Iasi4,0w 0
659101Dobra Robert-Cristian1201ROUCs Tinerii Maestri Craiova2,5s 1
75392Dogeanu-Osaceanu Catalin-Stefa1209ROUCm De Sah Teleorman Alexandria3,0s ½
85080IIIIonescu Catalin1235ROUCm De Sah Teleorman Alexandria3,5w 0
95384IIITeodorescu Calin-Ioan1234ROUCs Micul Sahist Iasi3,5s 0