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SS Manhems KM 2019 Oppna tisdagsgruppen

Last update 08.12.2019 08:02:31, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

10Oxelqvist Martin1718061SWE1751
2Ekstrand Bertil1728610SWE1658
8Shchetinin Oleg1740210SWE1629
4Granath Andreas1743333SWE1595
6Vahlberg Joakim1743872SWE1545
1Ohlsson Bo1728695SWE1497
9Friberg Sam1726498SWE1442
3Olsson Oscar1746901SWE1408
7Kappi Marcus1762915SWE1403
5Beliaev Vladislav1755455SWE1279