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World Youth Chess Championship 2019 - Girls U18

Last update 12.10.2019 12:21:51, Creator/Last Upload: swapnil bansod

Player overview for MAC

87Ip Weng Tou1423MAC00100½010002,587Open U14

Results of the last round for MAC

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
Ip Weng TouMAC1423 0 - 1 Moss JasperAUS1408

Player details for MAC

Ip Weng Tou 1423 MAC Rp:1466 Pts. 2,5
142Jain Kashish Manoj1930IND7,0w 0
264AIMGreicius Pijus1779LTU6,0s 0
3-bye- --- 1
456Manthan Kashyap Datta1830IND4,5s 0
552Beukema Constantijn1864BEL4,0w 0
670Mckennis Darren1729JAM5,0s ½
732Zeuner Ole2006GER4,0w 0
885ACMSrinivas Atharva1569CAN4,0s 1
951Stijve Niels1868SUI4,5w 0
1076Darsadze Nikoloz1634GEO4,5s 0
1188Moss Jasper1408AUS3,5w 0