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74th Bahrain Chess Academy Blitz Fide Rated 2019

Last update 05.09.2019 19:46:53, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess academy

Starting rank

1Arjun K5048842IND2128
2Cherian Thomas Yakov11202939IND1698
3Ahmed Abukabeer11204303BRN1549
4Kareem Manassaki11203595BRN1336
5James Thomas11202130IND1275
6Nikunj Vasant11202386IND1235
7Vyom Gupta25953389IND1209
8Youssef Mohamed9013814MAR1106
9Avran Mathew Thomas25938541IND1103
10Faqihi Abdulaziz11204087BRN1076
11Aditya Jithesh25979876IND1055
12Tissir Maryam11204141BRN0