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European Women Individual Rapid Chess Championship 2019

Last update 01.12.2019 20:55:40, Creator/Last Upload: ia dominique dervieux

Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMMuzychuk Anna2592UKR 54w1 38b½ 46w1 17b½ 18w1 14b½ 24w½ 20b½ 25w1 8b½ 10w07,0130,071,577,5
2GMKosteniuk Alexandra2538RUS 55b+ 33w1 21b0 35w1 23b½ 41w1 19b1 3w1 27b1 13w1 12b½9,011,070,575,5
3GMMuzychuk Mariya2518UKR 56w1 40b1 20w½ 19b1 14w½ 24b½ 21w1 2b0 18w1 12b0 4w17,5110,069,575,0
4GMChiburdanidze Maia2475GEO 57b½ 59w½ 44w1 36b½ 38w½ 40b1 23b0 49w1 42b1 10w½ 3b06,5260,067,072,5
5GMStefanova Antoaneta2455BUL 58w1 42b1 24w0 40b1 17w1 20b½ 14w1 6b1 13w0 23b½ 38w18,030,071,076,5
6GMSebag Marie2452FRA 59b½ 57w1 35b½ 37w1 29b1 13w0 55b1 5w0 36b1 7w0 61b½6,5230,070,576,0
7GMGunina Valentina2434RUS 60w1 44b½ 26w1 20b½ 25w0 38b1 28w1 24b0 40w1 6b1 23w18,050,067,572,5
8GMCramling Pia2423SWE 61b0 78w1 65b1 43w1 33b1 59w1 13b0 11w1 10b½ 1w½ 27b18,070,066,570,5
9IMBodnaruk Anastasia2410RUS 62w1 46b0 60w1 42b1 30w½ 26b½ 49w1 25b½ 24w½ 38b0 40w17,0210,061,566,5
10GMBatsiashvili Nino2401GEO 63b1 35w½ 52w1 32b1 24w½ 25b1 27w1 13b0 8w½ 4b½ 1b18,040,068,072,5
11IMBulmaga Irina2383ROU 64w1 48b1 25w1 24b½ 21w1 27b0 20w½ 8b0 61w½ 22b0 49w16,5240,068,073,5
12IMPaehtz Elisabeth2381GER 65b1 37w1 27b0 45w1 59b0 50w½ 51b1 30w1 19b1 3w1 2w½8,080,064,569,0
13WGMGirya Olga2365RUS 66w1 49b1 28w1 30b1 27w0 6b1 8w1 10w1 5b1 2b0 24w19,020,070,075,5
14IMDaulyte-Cornette Deimante2362LTU 67b1 41w1 29b1 21w½ 3b½ 1w½ 5b0 34w1 23b0 35w½ 59b½6,5250,068,073,0
15GMSocko Monika2359POL 68w1 50b1 30w0 46b1 20w0 42b0 53w1 61b½ 45w1 25b½ 44w06,0360,063,567,0
16IMRepkova Eva2358SVK 69b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01040,037,538,5
17IMKashlinskaya Alina2350RUS 70w1 52b½ 38w1 1w½ 5b0 46b1 42w½ 44b1 20w½ 26b1 22w18,060,066,571,0
18IMGuichard Pauline2349FRA 71b1 43w1 31b1 27w0 1b0 45w½ 59b1 35w1 3b0 50w0 37b16,5280,064,068,0
19IMMkrtchian Lilit2338ARM 72w1 53b1 32w½ 3w0 50b1 30b1 2w0 68b1 12w0 20b½ 46w17,0190,065,068,5
20IMGaponenko Inna2328UKR 73b1 45w1 3b½ 7w½ 15b1 5w½ 11b½ 1w½ 17b½ 19w½ 50b17,5100,070,575,0
21WGMWorek Joanna2321CZE 74w1 69b1 2w1 14b½ 11b0 51w1 3b0 42w½ 50b½ 41w½ 35b06,0350,063,568,0
22GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2320SCO 75b0 80w1 61b1 47w½ 41b0 68b½ 56w½ 51w1 57b1 11w1 17b06,5300,061,566,0
23IMOsmak Iulija2318UKR 76w- 82b1 62w1 48b1 2w½ 44b1 4w1 27b0 14w1 5w½ 7b07,0140,069,574,0
24GMZhukova Natalia2316UKR 77b1 47w1 5b1 11w½ 10b½ 3w½ 1b½ 7w1 9b½ 27w1 13b07,590,074,079,0
25WGMBerend Elvira2308LUX 78w+ 51w1 11b0 55w1 7b1 10w0 29b1 9w½ 1b0 15w½ 79b17,0170,066,070,5
26WGMMichna Marta2296GER 79b½ 89w1 7b0 52w1 47b1 9w½ 35b½ 50w½ 55b1 17w0 41b17,0180,065,569,5
27WGMRogule Laura2292LAT 80w1 76b1 12w1 18b1 13b1 11w1 10b0 23w1 2w0 24b0 8w07,0120,074,077,5
28IMBuksa Nataliya2275UKR 81b1 61w1 13b0 59w0 63b1 56w1 7b0 55w0 54b½ 71w1 57b05,5520,065,570,0
29IMOvod Evgenija2262RUS 82w1 87b1 14w0 49b1 6w0 53b1 25w0 40b0 58w1 44b½ 45w½6,0470,057,560,5
30WIMSolozhenkina Elizaveta2262RUS 83b+ 75w1 15b1 13w0 9b½ 19w0 45b1 12b0 38w0 64b1 47w½6,0330,067,072,0
31WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2258LAT 84w1 92b1 18w0 50b0 61w½ 54b1 44w0 64b½ 60w1 46b0 55w½5,5550,059,563,0
32WIMBenmesbah Natacha2258FRA 85b1107w1 19b½ 10w0 51b0 73w1 50b0 57w0 70b½ 74w1 58b05,0630,058,561,0
33IMSavina Anastasia2255RUS 86w1 2b0 64w1 53b1 8w0 49b0 58w1 46b½ 47w1 61b0 48w05,5530,064,067,5
34WGMBabiy Olga2247UKR 87b- 84b1 66w1 56b½ 44w0 57b1 48w1 14b0 46w½ 59w0 67b16,0410,061,064,5
35WIMBensdorp-De Labaca Marlies2228NED 88w1 10b½ 6w½ 2b0 64w1 58b1 26w½ 18b0 68w1 14b½ 21w17,0160,066,570,5
36WGMLeconte Maria2225FRA 89b½ 79w½ 67b1 4w½ 56b½ 55w0 66b1 59w1 6w0 49b0 60w16,0430,058,562,5
37WGMZakurdjaeva Irina2224RUS 90w1 12b0 68w1 6b0 70w½ 60b1 61w0 54b½ 62w1 55b½ 18w05,5540,062,066,0
38WGMDornbusch Tatiana2211MNC 91b1 1w½ 17b0 57w1 4b½ 7w0 67b1 79w1 30b1 9w1 5b07,0150,067,571,5
39WIMGarifullina Leya2207RUS 92w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01050,037,538,5
40GMGaprindashvili Nona2196GEO 93b+ 3w0 71b1 5w0 65b1 4w0 75b1 29w1 7b0 67w1 9b06,0340,064,068,5
41WIMTerbe Julianna2186HUN 94w1 14b0 69w½ 54b1 22w1 2b0 68w0 56b1 64w1 21b½ 26w06,0390,062,065,0
42WIMZaksaite Salomeja2181LTU 95b+ 5w0 73b1 9w0 67b1 15w1 17b½ 21b½ 4w0 79w0 70b16,0370,062,567,0
43FMPaasikangas-Tella Johanna2169FIN 96w1 18b0 70w1 8b0 68w0 78b+ 79b0 85w1 59b0 75w½ 71b04,5720,059,063,5
44WGMUnuk Laura2168SLO 97b1 7w½ 4b0 93w1 34b1 23w0 31b1 17w0 71b1 29w½ 15b17,0200,064,067,0
45WGMBerzina Ilze2165LAT 98w1 20b0 72w1 12b0 74w1 18b½ 30w0 63b1 15b0 73w1 29b½6,0450,058,061,0
46WIMMuetsch Annmarie2141GER 99b1 9w1 1b0 15w0 71b1 17w0 91b1 33w½ 34b½ 31w1 19b06,0400,062,063,5
47WIMSemenova Elena2140RUS100w1 24b0 74w1 22b½ 26w0 61b0 72w1 80b1 33b0 85w1 30b½6,0420,058,562,5
48WIMZvereva Marija2127RUS101b1 11w0 75b1 23w0 73b½ 85w1 34b0 71w0 72b1 66w1 33b16,5310,057,061,0
49WIMJanzelj Lara2124SLO102w+ 13w0 77b1 29w0 75b1 33w1 9b0 4b0 69w1 36w1 11b06,0380,062,066,5
50WGMBelenkaya Dina2112RUS103b1 15w0 79b1 31w1 19w0 12b½ 32w1 26b½ 21w½ 18b1 20w06,5270,064,568,0
51WIMJohansson Viktoria2094SWE104w1 25b0 76w½ 69b1 32w1 21b0 12w0 22b0 80w0 84b1 62w04,5770,053,556,5
52WFMNovkovic Julia2085AUT105b+ 17w½ 10b0 26b0 69w½ 70b1 64w0 74w1 67b0 91w1 68b05,0620,059,063,0
53WFMAndric Jelena2076SWE106w+ 19w0 91b1 33w0 77b1 29w0 15b0 75w1 79b0 70w0 85b04,0820,056,560,5
54WFMChigaeva Anastasia2068RUS 1b0 81w1 93b½ 41w0 76b1 31w0 73b1 37w½ 28w½ 68b½ 69w16,0500,054,057,5
55WIMPetrova Irina2047UKR 2w- 86b1 87w1 25b0 72w1 36b1 6w0 28b1 26w0 37w½ 31b½6,0460,058,061,0
56WIMNicoara Malina2037FRA 3b0 85w1107b1 34w½ 36w½ 28b0 22b½ 41w0 73b0 87w1 72b15,5560,055,558,0
57WFMGitu Paula-Alexandra2033MDA 4w½ 6b0 88w1 38b0 93b1 34w0 76w1 32b1 22w0 80b1 28w16,5320,056,560,0
58WFMSkuhala Barbara2021SLO 5b0 91w0 89b1 78w1 79b1 35w0 33b0 77w1 29b0 81w1 32w16,0480,057,061,0
59FMAntova Gabriela2001BUL 6w½ 4b½ 92w1 28b1 12w1 8b0 18w0 36b0 43w1 34b1 14w½6,5290,064,067,5
60WFMAzimova Karina1997RUS 7b0 95w1 9b0 76w1 85b½ 37w0 81b½ 91w1 31b0 77w1 36b05,0640,056,059,5
61IMSalimova Nurgyul1992BUL 8w1 28b0 22w0 80b1 31b½ 47w1 37b1 15w½ 11b½ 33w1 6w½7,0220,061,566,0
62WFMLimanovska Elizabete1945LAT 9b0 97w1 23b0 79w0 91b0100w+ 87w1 81w1 37b0 90w1 51b16,0510,050,053,0
63Ayzenberg Alena1945NOR 10w0 88b0 96w1 84b1 28w0 80b½ 82w1 45w0 85b0 69b0 97w14,5780,050,553,5
64Nguyen Thao Nhi1945FRA 11b0 99w1 33b0 81w1 35b0 77w1 52b1 31w½ 41b0 30w0 73b15,5570,055,056,5
65Kurapova Olga1914SUI 12w0 90b1 8w0 86b1 40w0 82b½ 80w0 76b0 88b1 93w1 75b04,5760,053,557,0
66WFMJohnsen Sylvia1898NOR 13b0101w1 34b0 85w0 92w1 86b1 36w0 84b½ 76w1 48b0 80w15,5580,054,057,5
67WFMCramling Bellon Anna1864SWE 14w0 94b1 36w0 87b1 42w0 88b1 38w0 86b1 52w1 40b0 34w05,0650,053,556,5
68FMKazarian Anna-Maja1858NED 15b0102w1 37b0 91w1 43b1 22w½ 41b1 19w0 35b0 54w½ 52w16,0490,056,560,5
69WIMDubois Martine1858MNC 16w+ 21w0 41b½ 51w0 52b½ 79w0 90b1 98w1 49b0 63w1 54b05,0660,052,055,0
70Tomasi Elise1849FRA 17b0103w1 43b0 95w1 37b½ 52w0 85b0 87w1 32w½ 53b1 42w05,0670,049,552,5
71Shivacheva Donika1836BUL 18w0 96b1 40w0 88b1 46w0 87b½ 89w1 48b1 44w0 28b0 43w15,5590,053,556,5
72WCMBerezovska Svetlana1819MNC 19b0105w1 45b0101w1 55b0 81w½ 47b0 93w1 48w0 76b1 56w04,5750,055,058,5
73WCMJose Polanco Kenia1813MNC 20w0 98b1 42w0 90b1 48w½ 32b0 54w0 82b1 56w1 45b0 64w04,5740,056,059,0
74Waardenburg Feline1778NED 21b0106w1 47b0107w1 45b0 91w0 92w1 52b0 84w1 32b0 89b15,0710,045,047,5
75Aubert Estee1766FRA 22w1 30b0 48w0 92b1 49w0 90b1 40w0 53b0 96w1 43b½ 65w15,5610,050,053,5
76Cornileau Juliette1762FRA 23b+ 27w0 51b½ 60b0 54w0 98w1 57b0 65w1 66b0 72w0 96b½4,0840,053,056,0
77Olsson Linn1748SWE 24w0100b1 49w0 94b1 53w0 64b0 96w1 58b0 97w1 60b0 90w15,0690,048,551,5
78Perrusset Barbara1745FRA 25b- 8b0 97w1 58b0 94w1 43w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -02,0960,048,551,5
79WFMToncheva Nadya1737BUL 26w½ 36b½ 50w0 62b1 58w0 69b1 43w1 38b0 53w1 42b1 25w06,0440,058,562,0
80WIMLebel-Arias Julia1718MNC 27b0 22b0 98w1 61w0 95b1 63w½ 65b1 47w0 51b1 57w0 66b04,5730,056,559,5
81Waardenburg Marlinde1709NED 28w0 54b0 99w1 64b0 96w1 72b½ 60w½ 62b0103w1 58b0 92b15,0680,049,551,0
82Lindberg Cajsa1642SWE 29b0 23w0101b0 89w1 97b1 65w½ 63b0 73w0 93b0 99w1 87b14,5800,045,547,0
83Rubsamen Anais1640MNC 30w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01060,037,538,5
84AIMFeldman Laora1636ISR 31b0 34w0102b1 63w0 98b0 97w1 99b1 66w½ 74b0 51w0 88b03,5930,045,547,0
85Yagutian Mariya1610RUS 32w0 56b0100w1 66b1 60w½ 48b0 70w1 43b0 63w1 47b0 53w15,5600,051,054,5
86Schebacher Solene1525FRA 33b0 55w0103b1 65w0100b1 66w0105b1 67w0 90b0 97b1 91w15,0700,046,549,5
87Jaskuniene Dalia1421LTU 34w+ 29w0 55b0 67w0101b1 71w½ 62b0 70b0 98w1 56b0 82w03,5910,052,555,5
88Berezovsky Fiorina1403MNC 35b0 63w1 57b0 71w0105b1 67w0 98b0 89b½ 65w0 -1 84w14,5790,047,550,5
89Micheli Elora1396FRA 36w½ 26b0 58w0 82b0102b1 93w1 71b0 88w½ 91b0101b1 74w04,0850,050,554,5
90Jaskunaite Auguste1386LTU 37b0 65w0105b1 73w0107b1 75w0 69w0102b1 86w1 62b0 77b04,0870,048,050,5
91WCMSvergina Sofya1350RUS 38w0 58b1 53w0 68b0 62w1 74b1 46w0 60b0 89w1 52b0 86b04,0830,054,057,5
92Nevskaya Ekaterina1349FRA 39b+ 31w0 59b0 75w0 66b0101w1 74b0103b0102w1 98b1 81w04,0860,049,552,5
93Wittenberg Serena1348FRA 40w-104b1 54w½ 44b0 57w0 89b0 94w1 72b0 82w1 65b0 -03,5920,050,553,5
94Thoreux-Josso Ambre1316MNC 41b0 67w0106b1 77w0 78b0105w0 93b0 -0 -0 -0 -01,01000,041,543,5
95Hyjazi Fleur1309FRA 42w- 60b0104w1 70b0 80w0 99b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,01030,041,043,0
96Fourriques Elise1292FRA 43b0 71w0 63b0102w1 81b0106w1 77b0 99w1 75b0103b1 76w½4,5810,043,044,5
97Svensson Paula1236SWE 44w0 62b0 78b0103w1 82w0 84b0106b1105w1 77b0 86w0 63b03,0940,048,050,5
98Schebacher Leane1170FRA 45b0 73w0 80b0104w1 84w1 76b0 88w1 69b0 87b0 92w0101b03,0950,041,044,0
99Radon Vida1157SWE 46w0 64b0 81b0105w0104b1 95w+ 84w0 96b0101w0 82b0102w02,0970,044,547,5
100Heem Alice1100FRA 47b0 77w0 85b0106w1 86w0 62b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,01010,041,543,5
101Dinoni Attali Myriam1060MNC 48w0 66b0 82w1 72b0 87w0 92b0103w0106b1 99b1 89w0 98w14,0890,040,542,0
102Barrast Catherine1009FRA 49b- 68b0 84w0 96b0 89w0104b+107b1 90w0 92b0106w1 99b14,0900,039,040,5
103Macia Urisari Anne Marie0FRA 50w0 70b0 86w0 97b0106b0107w1101b1 92w1 81b0 96w0 -14,0880,042,044,5
104Mazmanyan Lidia0FRA 51b0 93w0 95b0 98b0 99w0102w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01070,030,531,5
105Pinarbasi Emilie0FRA 52w- 72b0 90w0 99b1 88w0 94b1 86w0 97b0 -0 -0 -02,0990,040,041,5
106Ribreau Anna0FRA 53b- 74b0 94w0100b0103w1 96b0 97w0101w0 -1102b0 -02,0980,040,042,0
107Thoreux-Josso Adele0MNC -1 32b0 56w0 74b0 90w0103b0102w0 -0 -0 -0 -01,01020,041,043,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)