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European Women Individual Rapid Chess Championship 2019

Last update 01.12.2019 20:55:40, Creator/Last Upload: ia dominique dervieux

not paired

88Berezovsky, Fiorina1403MNCbye
39WIMGarifullina, Leya2207RUS**********
100Heem, Alice1100FRA*****
95Hyjazi, Fleur1309FRA*****
103Macia Urisari, Anne Marie0FRAbye
104Mazmanyan, Lidia0FRA*****
78Perrusset, Barbara1745FRA*****
105Pinarbasi, Emilie0FRA***
16IMRepkova, Eva2358SVK**********
106Ribreau, Anna0FRAbye*
83Rubsamen, Anais1640MNC**********
107Thoreux-Josso, Adele0MNCbye****
94Thoreux-Josso, Ambre1316MNC****
93Wittenberg, Serena1348FRA*