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European Women Individual Blitz Chess Championship 2019

Last update 29.11.2019 19:06:46, Creator/Last Upload: ia dominique dervieux

Player overview for AUT

47WFMNovkovic Julia2108AUT01011000011106,05820-32,80Blitz

Results of the last round for AUT

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtg No.
WGMWorek JoannaCZE22466 1 - 06 WFMNovkovic JuliaAUT2108

Player details for AUT

WFM Novkovic Julia 2108 AUT Rp:1954 Pts. 6,0
13GMChiburdanidze Maia2497GEO7,5s 00,09-0,0920-1,80
274Yagutian Mariya1524RUS5,0w 10,920,08201,60
315IMGuichard Pauline2335FRA7,0s 00,21-0,2120-4,20
468WFMToncheva Nadya1777BUL6,0w 10,880,12202,40
533WFMSkuhala Barbara2219SLO6,0s 10,350,652013,00
619GMSocko Monika2286POL7,0w 00,27-0,2720-5,40
727WGMDornbusch Tatiana2241MNC6,5s 00,32-0,3220-6,40
872Olsson Linn1645SWE5,0w 00,92-0,9220-18,40
964Shivacheva Donika1851BUL6,0s 00,82-0,8220-16,40
1076Radon Vida1503SWE4,0w 10,920,08201,60
1158WFMJohnsen Sylvia1950NOR6,0s 10,710,29205,80
1270Waardenburg Marlinde1709NED5,0w 10,920,08201,60
1325WGMWorek Joanna2246CZE7,0s 00,31-0,3120-6,20