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Torneo Magistral Hotel Taurus

Last update 26.03.2011 13:54:17, Creator/Last Upload: ASENSIO FERRARI, Enrique

Starting rank list of players

5IMGlud Jakob VangDEN2474Dinamarca
8IMMascaro March PedroESP2396España
10IMAlonso Garcia Rene MarcialCUB2370Cuba
1FMGomez Jurado Luis AlbertoESP2357España
3FMLamorelle JulienFRA2342Francia
4Barcelo Pujadas Pedro JoseESP2257España
7FMSerra Olives TomasESP2208España
9Bestard Borras MiguelESP2204España
2Rhein KlausGER2157Alemania
6Planas Gene JuanESP2131España