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National Closed Chess Championship 2011 (Open) NCC 2011 (Open)

Last update 20.03.2011 06:18:17, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Player info

NameAminuddin Muhd Faqih
Starting rank86
Rating national1282
Rating international0
Performance rating1426


13940S Balendran1856MAS5,0s 0
24059Yeop Mat Zaki1650MAS3,5w 1
33353Parimanam Paul1728MAS4,0s 0
43757Dutton Lucas Matthew1685MAS4,0w 0
54279Ng Shi Yang1375MAS3,0s 1
63669Subramaniam Shreyas1526MAS4,0w 0
73873Narayanan Sri Shiva Kumar1487MAS3,5s 0
84163Tan Kok Liang1644MAS3,5w 0
946-bye- --- 1
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