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2019 Nationale Jeugdkampioenschappen U18

Last update 14.08.2019 15:10:31, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank

1Kalka Shiva8201749SUR1638Rukhmania
2Kaise Oneal8201633SUR1623SCW
3Ramsing Radjiv8202826SUR1517Chess Academy
4Wee Wee Nehemia8201692SUR1362SCW
5Ristie Raphael8203369SUR1286HJP
6Nazir Justice8201773SUR1200HJP
7Relyveld Eljon8204390SUR1015CSV
8Chattri Shrishti8204608SUR0Chess Academy
9Kemp Jose Ch8203733SUR0Chess Academy
10Simson Jorryn8201994SUR0CSV
11Udit Raul8203008SUR0CSV