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The Irish Weekday Open 2019

Last update 09.08.2019 15:37:13, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Zeydan Salih6361722TUR2079
2Melaugh Shane2509580IRL2077
3Melaugh Gavin2509571IRL2025
4Cullen Ben2506033IRL1901
5Nolan Sean2506912IRL1875
6Cook Thea D.2099829IRL1800
7Jackson Peter2502593IRL1798
8Novak Vjekoslav14511584CRO1735
9O'Daly Liam2512530IRL1700
10Lynch Peter J.2501252IRL1693
11Murray Benjamin2512963IRL1688
12Loughran John2501562IRL1655
13Collins Adam2512300IRL1583
14Avetisyan Gagik2512270IRL1561
15Honner Mervyn2504847IRL1524
16Kavanagh James2510006IRL1523
17O'Hanlon Joeseph2512157IRL1505
18Maher John2501279IRL1490
19Arshakyan Arman2511983IRL1450
20Dimitrov Nikolai2511649IRL1435
21Fitzpatrick Kevin2505886IRL1407
22Brady Fearghal2513714IRL1366
23Paibir Atharva2512882IRL1361
24Redican JohnIRL999
25Johnston Owen2514222IRL903
26O'Cuilleanain Oisin2514249IRL903
27Bueckert Lucy2513560IRL876
28Cadogan Liam368180086IRL730
29Bueckert Diana2513552IRL700
30Monakoff NikaIRL700
31Nolan Carter2513390IRL700
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