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BH 2nd national invd. chess chanpionship 2019 (U20)

Last update 20.07.2019 18:08:21, Creator/Last Upload: bahrain chess federation

Starting rank

1Ahmed Ahmed JamilBRN0
2Ahmed YusufBRN0
3AlAdraa MariamBRN0
4AlAfoo ZainabBRN0
5AlAradi Sayed MahmoodBRN0
6AlAradi Sayed MohammedBRN0
7AlHassan LulwaBRN0
8AlHubail AhmedBRN0
9AlHubail HussainBRN0
10AlHubail MohammedBRN0
11AlMihzaa WujdanBRN0
12AlShaikh AmjadBRN0
13Bukhalaf Adnan Husain11203790BRN0