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3rd Watford Junior (U-12) Rapidplay

Last update 31.07.2019 13:40:10, Creator/Last Upload: watford chess

Player info

NameHurrell Theo
Starting rank5
Rating national88
Rating international0
Performance rating192
Club/CityWatford Chess Club
Year of birth 2007


144Shaporenkov Robert90ENGSt Albans Early Knights3,0s 1
2416Quader Rafael19ENGBury Knights1,0w 1
322Nagda Maanav119ENGWatford Chess Club5,0s 0
426Negargar Jay85ENGBasingstoke Chess Club4,5w 1
5310Kenrick Emir Jack59ENGWarden Hill Junior School, Luton4,0s 0
6513Arya Aaradhita32ENGNorth London Collegiate School3,0w 1
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