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2019 UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal Under 7 Boys

Last update 13.07.2019 19:03:34, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Sislo Aleksandr37Surrey West
2Ji Zilu31South Yorkshire
3Agarwal Arnav23Warwickshire
4Buric Benja0North & West Yorkshire
5Cheung Aaron0Northumbria
6Cole Ethan0Northern Ireland
7Filobbos Benjamin0Cheshire East & Manchester
8Ford Ben0Cheshire East & Manchester
9Gera Jashn0Scotland East
10Grady Tom0Derbyshire
11Hayward James0Cheshire East & Manchester
12Ittigi Tilak0Scotland West
13Jia Ethan0Cheshire East & Manchester
14Kilheeney Cillian0Cheshire East & Manchester
15King Tyler-James0Pennine
16Knight Charlie0Cheshire East & Manchester
17Krishnamoorthy Rehan0Teesside
18Kumar Arvind0Teesside
19Lloyd William0Cheshire East & Manchester
20McBride Timothy0Kent Tonbridge
21Muvvala Sujan0South Wales
22Nagar Nikunj0Scotland West
23Namala Lohith Vikyath0Hertfordshire
24Nedungadi Anirudh0Cheshire East & Manchester
25Prasad Vishal0Cheshire East & Manchester
26Shi Mengzheng0South Yorkshire
27Vedhara Jaiveer0Northumbria
28Vijayakumar Rishi0Scotland East
29Yao Ziheng Arthur0Staffordshire
30Zhao George0North London C
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