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Campeonato Distrital Feminino Absoluto - AXSetubal 2010/2011

Last update 05.03.2011 17:14:07, Creator/Last Upload: fpxsetubal

Starting rank

1WCMMonteiro Sara Cristina Da Silv142931909860POR18750Crd Cavaquinhas
2Pereira Susana Martins266211907301POR15560Santoantoniense Fc
3Fernandes Beatriz Ferreira266601913654POR01352Ccr Juventude Lavradio
4Raposo Ines Filipa Almeida297021909886POR01276Ccr Juventude Lavradio
5Parrinha Daniela Susana Figueiredo0POR01250Ccr Juventude Lavradio
6Godinho Joana Figueira349561932527POR01150Crd Cavaquinhas
7Carapinha Mariana Marques329271924516POR01001Crd Cavaquinhas