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Championship of Odessa region 2019 - final

Last update 27.06.2019 10:12:26, Creator/Last Upload: odesa cf

Starting rank list of players

6GMBogdanovich Stanislav14115298UKR2597
1GMEingorn Vereslav S14100053UKR2509
10GMGolubev Mikhail14100983UKR2483
11IMVedmediuc Serghei13900790MDA2464
3IMMolchanov Oleksii14119820UKR2425
8FMBaidetskyi Valentin14142317UKR2406
12IMSabuk Piotr1137565POL2400
4GMLegky Nikolay A14100312FRA2393
5FMGoluch Piotr1137840POL2360
2FMVavric Pavel13902032MDA2348
9Kukelko Alexey14153084UKR2271
7Snigurov Maxim14143488UKR2259
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