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24th ICCD European Open Deaf Club Team Chess Championship

Senast uppdaterad20.07.2019 12:39:05, Creator/Last Upload: lviv region cf

Startlsta, lag

Nr. LagSnittranking
1 Lemberg (Ukraine, Lviv)1920
2 Almaty (Kazakhstan)1842
3 Rybnik (Poland)1755
4 London (England)1725
5 Dresdner GSV (Germany)1718
6 Gomel (Belarus)1686
7 TGGV Thurgau (Switzerland)1647
8 I. PSKN Praha (Czech Republik)1575
9 SKN Hlohovec (Slovakia)1537
10 LUND (Sweden)1534
11 Sheffield (England)1406
12 Dnipro (Ukraine)1403
13 Kaschtan (Ukraine, Kyiv)1213
14 TOG Amsterdam (Netherlands)1000