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The Leinster Blitz Championship 2019

Last update 26.05.2019 21:56:18, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Delaney Killian2501570IRL2296
2O'Donnell Conor2504243IRL2237
3O'Gorman Tom2508249IRL2168
4Vicas Marijus12804541IRL2140
5Melaugh Shane2509580IRL2047
6Flynn Jacob2509393IRL2005
7Byrne Alex2508788IRL1966
8Pachalov Aleksejus54163145IRL1950
9Khaydarov Ravshan14205653IRL1929
10Casey Eoghan2502178IRL1916
11Carroll Peter2510243IRL1910
12Janusaitis Mindaugas12802530IRL1906
13Zelenchuk Daniil2511959IRL1905
14Quinn Ciaran2500817IRL1901
15Melaugh Gavin2509571IRL1884
16Parouare Mohammad Mahbub10206558IRL1873
17Cullen Ben2506033IRL1845
18O'Gorman Alice2508214IRL1824
19Goss Alex2509407IRL1804
20O'Cuilleanain Oisin2514249IRL1660
21Barrett Conor2509938IRL1649
22O'Neill Sam2511550IRL1648
23Fitzpatrick Daniel2512513IRL1578
24Murray Sam2508958IRL1552
25Kremerts Romans2504901IRL1512
26O'Connor Hugh2512165IRL1460
27Bueckert Lucy2513560IRL1405
28Bathla Sarthak35042807IRL1398
29Lawrence Praveen46650490IRL1266
30Bueckert Diana2513552IRL1154
31Duarte HannahIRL0
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