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1st youth U12 SE VOLOU club championship 2019

Last update 06.06.2019 21:36:39, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

Starting rank

1Vlachos Theofilos42104270GRE1055
2Patrikos Dimitrios25889257GRE1014
3Zgouleta Eftaxia25864653GRE984
4Bougas Georgios42105293GRE0
5Fleris Christos42117011GRE0
6Foteinakis Panagiotis Angelos42117020GRE0
7Kountrias Kosmas42122252GRE0
8Nikolopoulos Christos42113598GRE0
9Ntantos Panagiotis42117038GRE0
10Psychogios Apostolos42113601GRE0
11Stathaki Aikaterini25849611GRE0
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